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MIDSOLE: Light shock absorbing EVA+ENERGYMAX 3.0+TPU+Carbon Power+Solid EVA


UPPER: Microfiber PU Leather+V-Tough+Double Mesh


Giá: 1.650.000 VNĐ

Chọn kích cỡ

P9300 Brand New Support Type —The Illimitable Evolution


VICTOR’s SH-P9200 launched in the first season of 2016 is continuously being well-received by badminton players for its extraordinary stability and comfort. To pursue even greater excellence based on the success, VICTOR launches a brand new Support Type Professional Badminton Footwear, P9300 in 2017 fall and winter season. The superb P9300 features phenomenal shock-absorption, stability, comfort and durability. It is the exemplary footwear made to meet your strict standards.


In order to elevate P9300’s performance in shock resistance, VICTOR developers thickened the midsole to create an additional 11 to 13% shock-absorption that tackles reaction force upon landing. Hence, shock-absorption is in perfect effect as its wearer experience satisfactory bounciness.


P9300 emphasizes stability in particular. The Double KPU Stripes Design which extends to the front upper of the footwear is made to enhance lateral stability. Also, heels are equipped with TPU injection molded piece to strengthen heel support and stability.


Regular badminton footwear is extra vulnerable in the toe. Therefore, P9300 adopts a toe material that is 16 times more wear-resistant than regular PU leather. Durability is greatly improved as abrasion is largely decreased. The grip-shaped holes on the toe and upper not only generate excellent breathability but also give flexibility to ball of foot movements, creating an incredibly comfortable wearing experience.

The inner toe design matches with the grip-shaped holes design which is a brilliant integration of functionality and visual design.

In addition, there is something spectacular about P9300’s sole design. Echoing the thickened midsole design, shock resistance, stability, comfort and durability are highlighted as the major four features. Are you ready to have the brand new Support Type Footwear P9300 assist you to achieve excellence on the badminton court?

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